Sunday, February 24, 2013

{a writer's prayer}

{via pinterest}
if my heart has one ambition
if my soul one goal to seek
this my solitary vision:
'till i only dwell in Thee. 
:: hymn // brooke fraser ::

to the Lover of my soul, the Authour of my story, 

i'm walking a calling, something You gave me. something You pressed into my hands the moment before You sent me earth-bound and whispered, remember to use this. 

and now i use it, or at least, i'm trying. i'm grasping at napkins and ink pens, whatever my fingers can find to  etch the words that stir like snow in the wind behind my eyes. 

so here i am, on my knees with words piling up around me. 

hear my exhale.

guide my hand to write the Glory
guard my soul to write the Right
grip the pen when i'm too weak to do it myself. 
let my words be mighty, let my words be Yours.
the worlds i invent, the lives i create, may they be filled with Your Light 

and so here i am, just as i am, ink-stained hands raised up. because oh Lord Jesus, i am scared. there is transparency here, the see-through openness that somehow seems to bleed onto the pages. and i am laying myself bare, the deep parts, the aching and beautiful parts. the Glory visible can lead to pain.

this is trusting You with all of me, every corner, even the dust. 

so be it.


  1. exhaling with you
    a sweet, true amen

  2. Been singing this song with piano :) and i'm fan of Brooke Fraser. Beautiful post and pray anyway !

  3. Love this, especially about the transparency, because writing leaves all my broken places exposed, but this is a beautiful reminder that I write first and foremost for an audience of One and that He is the voice that gives my hands words to write.

  4. Rachel: Came over here first from our Story Circle group and now find you through Laura's place! Lovely prayer and beautiful blog. Blessings today.

  5. That is beautiful. Echo that with you.

  6. Oh, this is so lovely, Rachel. Yes, I have felt this vulnerability. It is a scary thing. But with our God, we can be brave. I'm glad you chose to be.


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