Wednesday, February 27, 2013

healing breadcrumbs

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taste and see that the Lord is good
oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him. 
:: psalm 34:8

don't pretend that it's not important to Him, this thing of breadcrumbs and drops of wine. we tend to look at the daily things, air and water and food and shelter, and brush them off. not important, He's bigger than that, we say. 

but even this is vital, even this He treasures. because we've turned food into pain. it's become a pointed look, a raised brow, a slightly caustic "should you be eating that?" and little girls cry and stand in front of mirrors at eight, nine, ten, and place hands on flat tummies and wish to be less and less and even less still. 

but food is not something He ignores. in fact, it's something He is. broken Bread, poured out wine, Life and Living Water. and the King of the World knelt on a sandy beach that morning when the world had turned topsy-turvy and curtains hung torn from top to bottom. 

and the Lamb roared in the voice of a Lion
come have breakfast.

and He laid out bread and fish and served the ones He loved a simple meal that meant the most. eleven men, One Messiah, dining together. and minutes later, He looked at Peter, denier forgiven and bade him thrice do a simple command laden with more love than we could ever understand. 

Simon, son of John, do You love me?
feed My lambs. 

because we all need food, food that passes our lips and lingers on our tongues for that moment before it fills and heals. and then there's the other kind, the kind that once left guilt and shame and now brings glory with every bite. 

:: woman, your faith has healed you. 

because He is sustenance of a greater kind, the glory that fills and restores with Life and Strength and Eternity.  

{sharing healing, imperfection, and grace with emily today; wont't you join us?} 


  1. How He longs to feed us...

  2. Oh so true. Thank you for reminding me. Recovery is a process, in some way shape or form, that we all go through. Recovery to the food of Christ.

  3. just lovely. i love that the scripture floweth over with imagery of a shared table, a banquet, a field, sowing, and the harvest. life is in breaking bread and accepting the invitation to come and taste and see that the lord is good. fantastic.

  4. Rachel. this is haunting and mystical, with a tinge of bittersweet.
    amen to God in every bite. and cheers as we drink the communion of the free.


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