Tuesday, February 12, 2013

trying on shoes

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i'm walking a mile in your shoes. it's a hard thing to do. it's stepping out of the comfortable, away from the familiar and the normal.

but it's something we've forgotten to do, even as Christians. our greatest commandment is love Him with everything, the inhale and exhale, the lightbeams from the ends of our fingers and from each strand of hair. 

but that second one. why do we have so much trouble? 

love your neighbor ::

and don't try to ask the question the man at the fire asked, the one i'm never sure if it's heartfelt sincere or hesitating sarcasm. i can almost see that gentle look in His eye, the one that i'm sure that He wears often. the look of sorrow, the unspoken, 

oh child, can't you see Me? 

your neighbor is everyone.

it is those that we have made untouchable, unlovable. the wallflowers and the window-washers. the soiled doves, the bastard sons.because the noblemen sat at the table with upturned noses and gags held back in the throat at the distaste, at the horror, at what kind of woman was touching Him. and He reached down and touched her back. 

i'm aching at this church, this city on a hill turned smudgy and dark because we're content with only tending to the pretty candles and letting the other ones burn out alone. 

He washed their feet. down on His knees, a servant Messiah, He took off their shoes and got their dirt on His hands. 

so i'm trying on your shoes, and my toes are a little squished in some and my feet too tiny for others. and my eyes are adjusting to seeing through your lenses for just a minute. because i want to understand what He did. i want to see your world through your eyes, through His eyes. 

i want to stop in the street because i felt the power. 
someone touched me.

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  1. Rachel
    I am here via Amber's and found your post strong yet full of mystery. I read a post today where someone wrote that the only time we are allowed to look down on others, is the time were are prepared to help them up! And your words reminds me so much of this wisdom!
    Much love

  2. So achingly beautiful, Rachel. I have felt this same struggle. He always loved the unlovables in the eyes of society, shouldn't I do the same?

  3. Always glad to have been here, Rachel. Visiting, this time, from Amber's. It's so easy to accept the mercy of Christ yet fail to extend it to others.

  4. Beautifully said. Thank you for sharing:)

  5. Amen. May we all be willing to forgo some of our comforts to love our neighbors as ourselves. This makes me think of the Casting Crowns song, "City on a Hill."

  6. I stopped over and what a blessing. He DID touch her back....that one it hit me like a ton of bricks.

  7. Incredibly thought provoking. Thank you for this.

  8. Hiya, I've come here via concrete words. I like that phrase "we're content with only tending to the pretty candles" - vivid.

  9. Like the depth here. Had to read it twice, more my rushed first attempt than your writing, second time through I really felt it. Thanks for this.

  10. Oh, this....this is beauty. This is love written out in words. Thank you for this.


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