Saturday, February 25, 2012

a sacred meal

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certain things have begun to monopolize my thoughts in recent days. some of these things are rich and deep, filling my hours with turning book pages and steaming cups of tea.

the other is food.

it's almost comedic how things that were once unnoticed are now suddenly the center of a growling stomach. and it's not just the flavour of food, as certain once-beloved tastes have faded into the background.

it's the cooking, the creation of things at my counters with flour and butter and cheese and a warm collection of spices that make my nose tingle and my tastebuds ponder as though they had their own minds.

there's a freshness, a newness to the creation of food. 
in some respects, it's a breathing. 

when simple items connect and join to become something new. it's knowing that i'm touching something important to God.

because even the Messiah, the King of the Universe, cooked for those He loved.
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the simplest meal of homemade bread and roasted fish over open flame, served on a beach for eleven frightened men once grieving and now faced with the Risen One again on the water's edge.

come and have breakfast.

so there is something blessed, something mysterious in food and the creation of a meal for those we love. it's more than just the caress of flavour on a palate. 

it's a sacred act, a humbling of self to the betterment of others. 

it's a warrioress' duty to provide for those in her care. with meals that take all day, or simple gifts of grilled cheese and chocolate chip cookies. 

it's still the echoing call of the Lion on the beach. 

I am the Bread of Life; 
he who comes to Me will not hunger 
and he who believes in Me will never thirst.


  1. beautiful post, Rachel dear. i wish i had you around to cook for me! :)

  2. When I was pregnant, I couldn't stop thinking of bread. Dang, I think I could have eaten a full loaf in one sitting. Hmmm, could be why I gained 58 pounds during my first pregnancy. Ha!

    Love how you make everything sound like poetry.

  3. beautiful. love your words, as always...I'll be watching your new mommy site too :)

  4. I never thought about this combining of ingredients into something completely knew as touching something of God. And now, I will...


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