Friday, February 24, 2012

clinging power

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i feel like i've been on a train for a thousand years, and i'm watching the trees blur outside the window. and i got so caught up in the blur that i have missed my stop.

that is what these weeks have felt like to me. because i have been in this whirlwind where i feel gripped by the shoulders and the hair and tugged back and forth until night turns to day and day to night, and everything feels backwards.

but the Voice of the Lord was not in this storm.

He was in the still, and i lost Him for a minute. or rather, i shut Him out of my tornado. because i didn't want Him to see how badly my world was tossing, and i didn't want Him to be ashamed of me.

but oh, how blind i am. because He sees me, this God-Who-Sees. i have felt like Sarah, rejoicing for this child, and i have felt like Hagar in the wilderness, gripping to a bush for some sense of stability.

but He sees me. all of me, regardless of my rejoicing or my gripping.

and isn't this glory? 

because i feel like i'm finding my footing again. where the waves meet the ocean and tug back the vile and leave the sand clean, i feel like i'm lying here with the Water rushing over me and drawing back the impure.

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and i'm a lamb leaping in the Lion's shadow. no longer afraid, but living in Truth.

this is not a post to tell you that things have been bad, because they haven't been bad. they've been strange and foreign. this hasn't been a time of despair or excessive fear, just adjusting.

and so my clinging has come when i find myself inadequite, and seek my solace in the One who cups my face in His Hands and whispers

I have made you promises. now stand still, and see what I will do. 

so i've turned my eyes from the blur to the slow, and that is hard when things seem to be moving so fast and distractions abound.

but He sees. and i am standing still, hands raised and warrior cries flooding to Heaven.

and i'm slowly returning, not in this feeble power, but solely in the power of His might.

the Lord God is with me
the Mighty Warrior that saves. 


  1. oh, the power of your words. You are tapping into the beauty and magic that is motherhood... keep standing still, that mighty voice turned skyward. He's coming. You're strong because he lives.

  2. Yes. He is with you dear one, with another dear one.

  3. Your words are so strong and brave and true. I hope you are feeling well, and that the little one is doing good, too =)
    I have felt tossed around quite a bit too lately, but He was waiting for me the whole time♥ Oh, the Glory.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  4. I checked my blog today for the single purpose of seeing if you had posted latley, and saw you had! Your posts are always so beautiful and inspiring. I'm praying for you and the little baby in your womb.

  5. Thank you for laying your life barren for all to see; I, too, have been wrestling with the Journey and your eloquent words describe my thoughts as well. Thank you, Papa, for wrapping us up in your glory and in your love. Set your sweet servant's feet on solid ground; do not let any of us be shaken.


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