Tuesday, May 14, 2013

hush-holy ::

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a phrase has been trapped in my mind for about a week now. two words strung together, innocently enough, make something soft and precious and so profound that it has woven itself into the very essence of me and is resting there.

{phrase coined by rain}

there is sacredness nesting inside me now, building up and making something great and beautiful in a way that maybe i didn't understand before.

this word {YHWH} is the sound of breathing.
the holiest name in the world, the Name of Creator
 is the sound of your own breathing.

and so i sit and ponder in this time of spring, the epitome of hush-holy and silent glory and the majesty of life appearing in the gentlest of ways.

but there are storms, grey-skied things that sweep in with wind and rain and thunder and lightning. and oh, how the glory of God is found in this grand display. 

:: but then comes the calm.

and the wind and seas obey His voice. and all is still when He and i step back into the boat, and i find myself on my knees in the hush whispering, truly You are the Son of the Most High God. because His very breath is this thing swirling around me, even here on my yellow couch with Old McDonald as the soundtrack to this moment of worship. 
{via pinterest}

but in my head i'm singing soft words familiar to my tongue, words i have sang over and over in my soul from the first time i heard them. a tender melody found here in the hush-holy, in the calm draped over my shoulders like a warm blanket of Life from the fingers of the most loving Father.

oh the deep deep love of Jesus
vast, unmeasured, boundless, free

and it's not a solo, but a duet, because the Lion is singing soft in my ear, harmonizing in the most beautiful way, crooning, see, I am doing a new thing, all things made new. and the Song of the Lion has become the sweetest backdrop to arms outstretched and glory whispered from my mortal-turned-immortal lips. 

now you are a Lioness
and all...will be renewed.
{prince caspian, c.s. lewis}


  1. absolutely love your intimacy with the creator...nice string from the sound of breathing being gods name...to the hush holy...to the lion singing in your ear...wonderful rachel...worshipful...good stuff

  2. I love the way you put words together. And you always find the best photos! :)

  3. t's not a solo, but a duet, because the Lion is singing soft in my ear -- oh this is so intimate, beautiful... thank you

  4. Dear Rachael
    Beautiful! I am also one of those who often step back into the boat with our Lord Jesus. Not the brave type at all! What a beautiful analogy: the Lion and His lioness. May I add: the Heavenly Bridegroom and His bride. If you think of it, we really don't need to let the storms of life scare us for God has control over them and He displays His wonders even through them!
    Blessings from Jennifer's

  5. Dear Rachel,
    This is the home of sacred, holy worship. And beautiful, dramatic elegance. You named your place well. I love coming here. Peace that passeth understanding from Him when I cross the threshold here.

  6. I always find myself mesmerized by the beauty of your words when I come here. Blessings to you, Beth

  7. What a lovely phrase to let fill. And isn't it wonderful how we can carry the hush-holy inside no matter what is going on on the outside?


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