Wednesday, May 8, 2013

magnolia roots ::

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i drove in my car today with the windows down with the blossom breezes flooding my nose. and i inhaled and my heart whispered to my soul, this is my sea. because some people have seaside breezes with salt and adventure, while i have suburbia with its sidewalks and blooming magnolia trees.

and the cherry blossoms swayed in the breeze and murmured, remember what you have remembered. 

because i think a lot about the trees during the springtime when everything becomes new and green. and i think about Jesus and the blind man, and the spit made mud smeared on his eyes by the hands of the One that kissed the dirt to life in the first place.

what do you see?
i see men...they look like trees, walking about.

and maybe he was right on point with this strange metaphor. we are more than human, more than flesh and bone and sinew and blood. we have roots that sink down, down deep into the soil, reaching and winding together with all the others, and the Life that pours from one enters the other.

unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone. 

and alone is something that doesn't touch, an empty death of sorts, a vague immortality that leaves the seeker empty-handed and the warrior without a sword.

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i'm all about seeking these days, becoming the one with the mud-smeared eyes, because i want to see what He sees and less of what i think i should be seeing. i want to see Truth, not some misshapen passed-around hat that reeks of foolishness and the sweat of too much doing and not enough peace be still.

and i'm tired of looking around to seeing one closed door after another while the least of these is standing in the middle of the street naked and alone. and so many offended cheeks are turned while the Son of the Most High weeps in harmony with the cries of His beautiful lonely ones.

and so i'm being a tree with magnolia flowers in my hair and reaching out my fingers to the ones with the words i can't even bring myself to type streaked in tears and blood on their faces. i'm reaching out my roots to touch a thousand faces and draw them in where peace abounds.

she was forgiven much
because she loved much.

{a beautiful sister is giving away a piece of her sea, of the mermaid she is within. you can find rain and her beautiful life-giving giveaway here.}


  1. Letting these words soak in. Very beautiful words indeed. And convicting...

    "and i'm tired of looking around to seeing one closed door after another while the least of these is standing in the middle of the street naked and alone."

  2. ooo i like that story of the once blind seeing men like trees...smiles...and like where you took it as well...ouch on the one door closed after another to the people int he streets as well...lets see....lets see....

  3. Dear Rachael
    Isn't it just the way the world works!! Happily going its own way, full and satisfied with lots to spare. Yet, the little, unimportant ones know just the growling of an empty stomach. Not to mention shivering with cold at night with nothing warm to wear. It also breaks my heart.
    Blessings from Emily's

  4. YES. i want to see the truth too. i loved, loved, loved this post dear rachel. thank you.

  5. Simply beautiful! Like Lisa said, I'm letting your words sink and hoping to keep with me. Blessings to you from Emily's. your site is so lovely!

  6. I have never been on your site before but I was riveted from the first sentence. Your writing blesses me. And I'm going to share this with a few of my friends. Thank you for linking it with Scribing the Journey. ;)

  7. Duane sent me over from a twitter link and dang, he has good taste because I loved this too. I'll be back for sure.

  8. There is so much life in your words. Your page just breathes beauty.


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