Monday, May 27, 2013

broken stems dancing

{photo by dramaticelegance}
today is the day i forgot my laptop. all i have is twenty-four coloured pencils in their brand-new packaging, and a black ink pen, and the new shinji moon book from rain. and i'm sitting here, tucked neatly away in the corner of the coffee shop, in the frustration, and i've decided to exhale instead.

because i'm eternally grateful for this life, to the One who breathed life in the whispering silence of nothing. and i have hands and fingers and the knowledge to write at all, and that's something alone.

and the homeless man from under the bridge came in with barely enough quarters for hot coffee, hold the cream, and i didn't look up from my phone. because the way he spoke made me uncomfortable. he spoke poverty and a world i didn't know, and it hurt my pride.

and then i looked up and saw the two flowers in the vase in the window, and one was whole and the other was broken. but i didn't judge the broken flower like i did the homeless man. and neither did the other flower in the same vase, in the same world. and their stems touched and draped one over the other.

and i judge me now. silly backwards upside down heart.

:: He promised, after all.

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come to Me
all you who are laden-heavy
and I will give you rest. 

and He brought the long-haired one into His temple as perfume dripped down from the strands like material world whispers of love. and the men murmured under their breath with priestly robes clutched tight in holier-than-thou fingers,

"He must not know what kind of woman is touching Him."

and He reaches down and lifts her chin, and i catch her eye for the barest second. and i realize, she is me. and i am touching Him. and He loves, oh how He loves.

sometimes, i don't know who this woman is, either. the one who dares to remember His death until He comes. the one who wraps the scarlet chord -- yes, that simple sweet melody written in the blood of the spotless Lamb, the Lion of Judah -- around her soul and clutches there, tight. the one who wanders with the moon to the tune of clucking tongues and shaking head and scolding words.

and i wish i could write the way this music feels when He reaches out and takes my soul in His hand and softly whispers,

may I have this dance?


  1. This is such a lovely portrayal and yes, pride does enter in at times. I understand :-)

    1. I am so glad to meet you here, Hszel. pride can be such a tripping-stone.

  2. Hey lady,
    I always wish I can write the way music makes me feel. . .I totally connected with that.

    1. how glad am I that you found the click here, sweet Amy. <3

  3. You do write like this, my dear. Because I feel the music when I read. And we dance.

    1. oh Jen, how blessed am I at your words. sweet beautiful brave-dancing you.

  4. Oh Rachel, this was beautiful. To think that our Abba Father links hands with us and sweeps up into a Father-daughter dance... yes, I'm there!
    Blessings to you ~ Mary

    I'm so glad you visited my place tonight!

    1. that dancing with the Lion at midnight when all the rest is still, that is the most precious moment.

      so blessed to have met you, Mary dear.

  5. "I wish I could write the way music feels" . . .I think this a common longing we all share as writers. But you said it well. Thanks for visiting Rachel.

  6. This is an awesome writing. You have the gift and thanks God for the wisdom and the words.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and nice to know a very talented lady like you:)

  7. Rachel, I am so thankful you stopped by my blog and commented so I could find this beautiful space. WOW! You do write as if music were speaking. I was very moved and touched by this and will be following your journey along. Blessings!

  8. he spoke poverty and it hurt my pride....dang...the scarlet cord, blood of the lamb....really beautiful bit of worship in your words rachel....


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