Tuesday, June 18, 2013

from me to you :: housekeeping notes

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oh my dearhearts, my sweet loves, 

each one of you has blessed me in such exponential ways. since this place first breathed in 2010, the outpouring has been beyond my wildest dreaming. and now, four years later, each one of you has gathered me into your arms and we have murmured together of Light time and time again.

so rarely do i write a personal note in this place, but i felt the need to step forward with a small bit of housekeeping as June is drawing all too swiftly to a close, and the changes to Google Reader and GFC are coming around the corner as of the first dawnings of July. 

i will still be writing in this place, of course, and the address will stay the same. however, for following and staying connected, i would ask each one of you to follow me via bloglovin. it is so very simple to use, and i will admit readily that i have started to fall soul-over-heals in love with the format. 

this is a quick tutorial as to how to make the switch from Google Reader to bloglovin. 

oh, my bravehearts, this is a new chapter in the blogging world. and i won't deny that i have felt a bit tossed about by these changes. my fingers grasp tight onto the familiar and so often refuse to let go. but He is unchanging despite the ever-turning.

there are other ways to stay connected with me, too, of course. and i am always sitting with open arms for you to sit in my circle with a warm cup of tea or a glass of wine and simply be with me. 

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may blessings in His Light abound as we continue, my precious gypsy tribe

:: rachel


  1. i'll follow you wherever you go. just keep writing.

  2. I must say I dont know about the changes that will happening google reader. What is really all about?

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