Friday, June 14, 2013

listening ::

{photo property of
and used with permission
by gypsymothsol}
when i was little, there was a poem i used to whisper

:: is anybody listening, listening...

and i said it in little-girl hush, and giggles accompanied each little word as i held my fingers against my lips and whispered. and sometimes i say it in adult groan where there is no one listening, no one seeing me. i mean, i'm here, don't you know that? but no one listens.

and i feel tiny. everyone does sometimes, but in this blogging world, it's hard not to be drowned out by a crushing roar of words that overwhelm and make me feel like my fingers are reaching up for a tiny bit of oxygen and i'm whispering

:: is anybody listening, listening...

but there's something profound about the whisper, even if no one else hears the words that leave your lips. because Lion's ears are acute and they pick up on everything. i swear the little tears that plink against the glass in His hand are the loudest chimes to Him.

and i haven't written a book. but something i wrote earlier this week made a splash and my brokenness was heard, louder than i anticipated. and i'm learning that there is someone listening, just the right someone. it doesn't have to be kings and queens up on the high places, but that tear-stained momma tugging herself to fit the mold that doesn't fit on her like it does on the other "hers" across the street.

and maybe it's just the plink of a tear in the bottle. one little drop.

but i promise
He is listening, listening...

{linking five minutes of uncensored stream of consciousness with the gypsy mama}


  1. Beautiful. I am visiting from 5 minute Friday. These words spoke to my heart-it often feels like I am talking out into empty air. So glad it is not so. Love your playlist too =)

  2. Rachel, such a joy to "meet" you through FMF. I am looking forward to looking around your beautiful space more. Your voice is honest, clear, engaging, and I relate -- how I relate -- to the "is the anybody listening?" refrain in this online world. You are so right about the one who hears and holds each plink. Thank you for your words and for your beautiful comments to me -- two weeks in a row. :)

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I don't want my words to fall on deaf ears, yet at the same time I want to always talk for His ears, and His alone. Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. smiles...that is part of the magic of writing...not the publishing...but knowing that as you send these out, just the right people are being led it...and you become an instrument of god in using your talents...smiles...


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