Sunday, June 2, 2013

:: kinsman redeemer

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i wish i could reach down and smear my fingertips with paint and streak them across your eyes so you can see what i see.

i want to look up and count the stars, the ones tucked away in a sacred place that even my own human eyes cannot find them. the ones that were there the night among the piles of honey-toned barley where a whispered exchange passed between the lips of a man and a once-cursed foreign beauty.

spread your cloak over me, for you are my kinsman redeemer. 

and she slept that night on the threshing floor at the bared feet of a man who swore to save her, joining the ranks of the world-forgotten women that reached up and wept to be seen.

she was third of five, this Moabitess who begged for the covering from her saviour-turned-groom. they all bore the familiar shame, the whispers and pointed fingers. they were stamped with an ugly word, one too quickly spoken still two thousand years down the road. but from their blood, oft murmured "tainted," came the Life-Bringer.

:: the One who spoke to the slave in the wilderness, 
who rested hands on the unclean and whispered
dearest daughter
I knew you would not be long...

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there's a reason that Lewis wrote so often of the breath of the Lion on the face of those He treasured. the wind from the mouth of the Risen One against the cheek of His bride, the whisper in the night that He is coming to bathe me in Light. i am not forgotten.

the rocks on the seashore, grit and earth and dirt
until they are picked up by the fingers of one who knows
and then they are treasures. 

so i'm finding my own place on the threshing floor, under the stars with the moon as a witness, and speaking to the One who is not safe, but oh, so good

spread Your cloak over me, 
just let me touch the hem
// for You are my kinsman redeemer 


  1. not safe but good...smiles...i love that description...and the smearing of the fingerpaints on the eyes that we might see...and the breath in the we are not forgotten...

    pray for one of my students...she really needs it...found out some things today that really broke my heart for her...cant go into much but know she needs it...

  2. that is one of my favorite lines from narnia! a beautiful reminder of our covering and our saving grace.

  3. So grateful for our kinsman redeemer. Good reminder.


  4. This is amazing. It makes me want to dance, be swept up, with and by my Savior. Your words always stir.


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