Friday, June 7, 2013

falling up :: five minute fridays

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falling scares me.

i watch The Amazing Race and whisper with my husband, i want to do that with you. and we talk about each challenge...could we, would you? but the height ones seem to make me swallow the hardest

and then there was the man who smiled at the tallest building in the world and said, oh, i love the heights. and i started at the screen agape, heart filling with something i still don't understand just yet.

and i'm realizing that it's more than just the simple heights of feet and inches up against the clouds. i've found myself afraid of high living, because there's always that chance i might plummet down with just one little misstep. and nothing scares me like that  idea that maybe i'm not as steady as i like to think.

but falling just might be what needs to happen. because there's that rush as your eyes close and the Breath rushes past your cheeks and there's nothing but you and the Lion in the silence, and you realize all of a sudden that you're flying.

i'm in awe of the way His wings feel against my cheek. or maybe it's the shock of the feathers sprouting out of my own fingertips as He whispers about the wings of eagles that He promised low in my soul.

it's sacred, holy ground. 
:: holy air.

and when my feet touch the ground again, i lift my wings to cover my face and whisper

worthy worthy, holy holy

maybe one day, i'll lean back with eyes closed and let myself just tumble hand in the hand with the One who fought death and won. tandem diving from earth to Heaven.

Five Minute Friday
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  1. Oh Rachel...I loved this!!! Trusting comes in the falling! Your blog site is beautiful and soothing. So glad I visited:)

  2. Oh this! This is beautiful. Such imagery. I can almost feel the brush of His wings across my face. Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Oh yes. I live low down, too. <3

  4. I am visiting from Joy's blog (Country Manse)...saw your post in her blogroll. As I read, i thought I've been here before...oh your site, I mean. Cause i remember the beautiful way that you compose and flow words upon the page. Beautiful, beautiful. You are gifted and loved friend. Thank you for this reminder, especially the jumping in trust with Him by our side (something I'm still learning to embrace)

  5. nice...i see whows like that and want to do it as well...there would def be scary makes for a great allusion to life with christ though....there are parts that are scary but when we face it together...yeah...smiles.


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