Saturday, January 5, 2013

a letter to you

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dear you,

yes, you. you beautiful one, you earth-shaker, you mountain-quaker. you with the feathers in your hair, you with the baby on your hip. you with the tattoos on your skin, you with the long hair and the ankle-length skirts.

you tucked in the corner with the tsk tsk tsk ringing in your ears because you said that one thing too loud when they said to be seen but not heard. 

women of the world, you are real. 
 :: don't let them force you to disappear. 

they're the ones adding millstone to millstone in a necklace of death that will end with a broken-hearted "depart from Me." 

they're all about death, these shadow voices that would rather keep you masked and silent. He was all about life and broken stones with the keys of Hell in His fist.

they made their list and ran off with fists raised high and left Him standing at the table with tears running down and a gentle you left Me behind. 

they don't read the red letters, do they? if they did, they would know that there was a perfume vial --the most expensive, the most precious. and it spilled over His feet as a broken woman with whore on her forehead in invisible ink and invisible fingermarks of men who were not her husband covered her body. and she prophesied to the world of His dying. 
{via pinterest}

and that was a woman.

and you are a seeker. 

i wrote it before {here} and i'm writing it again now, word for word.

we are women. we are vessels, full of Him and aching to overflow.
we are brave and strong and beautiful and beloved.
we are more.


{this thing of beauty, of strength, of true womanhood has been on my mind these days. i'm praying ceaselessly as a project begins to form in my heart and soul for the coming weeks. would you join me on your knees before the Throne, sisters, for wisdom and grace and so much unceasing might from the Hand of the King?}


  1. no one celebrates being a woman better than you do. thank you for blessing us with your words again.

  2. Amazing! And so very right!

  3. well as a brother, i will pray with you as we need strong women that understand truths of who they are...smiles.

  4. I'm with you, Rachel. Lifting you up right now as you and God sort out the details of what this idea/project looks like. There are women hungry to hear this message...

  5. This is so beautiful. Being on the brink of straight up womanhood has been scary for me. The woman you described? I want to be her so badly. Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. This is beautiful, and something I long for so very much.

  7. I'm praying, Rachel. May our Father who LOVES women be ever-present in this journey. In Him, Jenny

  8. I love how God is unleashing this creative soul, filled with passion for Him and His women.

  9. rachel- it was this post. i had done a random search on instagram for #lionofjudah i think? and the picture of your tattoo came up, and i looked up the roaring verses, and went to check out your blog. and it stopped me dead in my tracks. because i literally had my baby on my lap, long skirt and long hair, and i had just drawn this picture with a feather in my hair and i have a tattoo waiting in my heart for when i'm done breastfeeding and whenever my husband gets on board... and just a couple days before, i had been talking to my spiritual director, and she said "huh. i never thought about that before - what if a lot of this stuff you've been dealing with is because of what you believe about yourself BECAUSE YOU'RE A WOMAN". i have grown up (and continue to be) in a conservative evangelical church, and i guess i've always bought into the male hierarchy stuff, but maybe it's not done the way God intended and maybe i'm supposed to free AS A WOMAN. and so i've begun to explore what this could mean, and your post gave me beautiful permission to start on that journey. so thank you. and i just LOVE everything i see around your place here. all beauty and truth.


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