Wednesday, January 2, 2013

red-lettered lowercase

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i went back this morning and searched out the first post i ever wrote here sans capital letters. it was a spur of the moment, unstructured piece called ink of wait that i wrote in august of last year.

and i read that little poem and i cried like i did the day i wrote it, i remember. because oh, i wrote free then.

at the top of the blog of my dear friend, emily, there is a quote. thirteen words.

here is the world. beautiful and terrible things will happen. don't be afraid.
:: frederick beuchner :: 

and that quote grips me in the deep places that only me and Jesus can see. because it's more than just letters, after all. 

it's a fist pounding, a battle cry, a step against. because i am tired of the must-dos that Jesus didn't speak. the way the Church takes every word from their mouths and writes it in red, putting words and confinements into His mouth that taste bitter with sorrow and weigh heavy with impossibility. 

and letters are the first step.

i have turned the words of Mumford and Sons into a worship chant, a far-from-whispered battle march. 

awake my soul
awake my soul
awake my soul
you were made to meet your Maker. 

and that is where i live now. 

living in the red of His blood, and the black and white of truth and mercy. awakening to lowercase letters and unfettered freedom. 

:: releasing.  


  1. great quote....and much needed in this world right me some mumford and sons as can def be worship...we have a way of wanting to be god, turning his words to fit our needs...without really understanding his words...

  2. "here is the world. beautiful and terrible things will happen. don't be afraid."~ frederick beuchner

    Don't be afraid...

    Thank-you, Rachel. :)

  3. Don't be afraid.
    Another good Mumford quote from The Cave:
    "...So make your siren call,
    And sing all you want,
    I will not hear what you have to say;
    'Cause I need freedom now,
    And I need to know how
    To live my life as it's meant to be..."
    I always find myself singing these words to the demons of fear and loathing that take up residence in my head.
    Just remember that they are never allowed admittance to your heart, because that already belongs to the Lord. Satan uses smoke and mirrors to make us think that all there is is fear, but there is so much more, and we are so very protected. Live fearlessly, Lady.

  4. Oh that quote. Yes and yes and yes.

  5. Beautiful. I went back and read "ink of wait," too. May you feel the great freedom of release and fearlessness in 2013.


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