Tuesday, January 22, 2013

shattered alabaster

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we fear brokenness. we fear what comes when we are face down, palms up. we can't see our backs from this position, this place of humility.

and what if someone sees us here? they might whisper, they might talk about how low we have fallen. and whispers hurt, after all; who doesn't know that? 

but He sent them out into the streets to bring us in. the broken, the lame, the blind and the weary. and He brought us in and set us as His table, us broken ones. and He stood still in the crowd and said someone touched Me. 

we forget these stories. they get pushed to the back as we look around and stand shoulder to shoulder with others and stretch to stand on tiptoe to measure up like we think we should. brokenness does not negate the warrioress, but instead it creates glory. 

a phoenix cannot rise until it burns. 
a seed cannot grow without death. 

“God uses broken things...it is the broken alabaster box that gives forth perfume.
 it is Peter, weeping bitterly, who returns to greater power than ever." 
:: vance havner

it is something we are taught to fear, taught that we must flee from and hide, that we must scrabble for some token of false strength to save face. do we deign ourselves so great that our Jesus must be broken, but we find shame in this place for ourselves?

the prostitute was the first to find Him in the dawn when the stone had rolled away. those who followed Him were too full to see, but this woman was empty of all but Him. and He said her name, and she knew in a word. this broken vessel, this woman of the night now turned bright as the Son. 

raised to glory, this broken ones.
living in life, these blessed ones.


  1. Oh, how He makes beauty out of the brokeness...

  2. Oh yes. Yes. I needed to read this so badly today, when I feel like I am crumbling. Thank you.

  3. it gives me hope that god chooses broken things and broken people...as you look through the entire narrative it is filled with flawed people...that the seed must die to give life...really love that as nature echoes the thruths that even jesus showed in his death and raising...

  4. So very true, and something that I need so badly to learn. I love your new design, by the way! :)


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