Wednesday, January 30, 2013

woman ablaze

{via pinterest}
i am the girl on fire. 
i am the woman ablaze.

or at least, i want to be. i want to walk a path once dim and watch it glimmer as the lights flicker into being and line the steps so that others can come after and not trip on the stones. 

i love the moon and the stars 
almost more than the sun.

it's a softer light, not blinding. i can gaze upward when the moon shines gentle and whispers hope better than when the sun leaves spots behind my lashes, even when they're closed. 

and that's what i want to be the world. soft light pointing to the Son that comes in the dawning, not a second sun that comes where it shouldn't and speaks too loud and too blinding for the world to understand. 

there is beauty in the soft light. beauty in the candlewick as it flickers in the night, the softest glow that illuminates the eyes and the heart and the soul. the Word was penned by light of wax and string dipped and twisted together, gentleness on fire. 

{via pinterest}
because we're all about the megaphone these days. all about the fist-banging to startle the sleepers and frighten them from their daze. 

but don't you rather it when a hand gently touches your shoulder, a soft shake to rouse you and guide you from pillow to daylight? there is a time and a place for the brightness that overwhelms, and there is a time for the caress of tenderness. 

we forget. yes, He toppled tables. but there was soft weeping, too. 

oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem. 
how I longed to gather you to Me....

i am the girl on fire. 
i am the candle ablaze. 

and oh, i long 
to be the moon that heralds the Son. 


  1. Just beautiful! Wow. So glad to come by from Imperfect Prose.

  2. woo! love it! "the Word was penned by light of wax and string dipped and twisted together, gentleness on fire." yes...gentleness.
    thank you for this! :) i'm visiting from Emily's as well. and i'm glad I came.

  3. i've been playing w/ an image of a girl holding fire in her hands lately, and this just fans that flame (ok, i had to!!)... seriously, tho. to be gentle light? gah, yes and amen! such a beautiful vision here.
    stopping by from IP

  4. smiles...there is a time for each...a passion and wildness and that gentleness for sure....this made me smile , a nice reminder...

  5. I've been singing Alicia Keys all day. My 2yo asks: "Mama, why is the girl on fire?" Why, indeed. You're definitely ablaze, Dear. I still think about that post you wrote about paper cranes. Love the photo of you and your little one, also the new bloggy look.

  6. oh i'm sp glad you linked up. i found your blog via instagram a few weeks ago, and read a post that you wrote just for me ;) and then couldn't find you again! when i saw "dramatic elegance" linked here i was like YES! that was it!! now i can follow you and your lovely soft light properly :)

  7. I like the night better than the day, too. "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands..." (Psalm 19:1) The stars and moon have spoken volumes to me about God, about His power and His majesty and His love for each one of us.

    Reflecting the Son...exactly what we are called to do and to be.

  8. Oh how I love your poetic voice. It is brilliant and lovely. I can hardly find a phrase I love the most. I just cherish your voice and your words...the overflow of your tender heart. This IS dramatic elegance. And the aesthetic of your space is lovely too. Thank you for sharing your gift. Your offering is radiant.

  9. I really liked the imagery and interplay of different types of light, great piece.


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