Monday, January 7, 2013

watching her watching me

{via pinterest}
are you breathing just a little, and calling it life? 
:: mary oliver :: 

it's odd, this thing of breathing. it's the ultimate release, every day a thousand and one seventy, and we don't seem to notice until we suddenly can't catch it anymore. 

and that's what life is. a die-daily, a live freely. 

but sometimes fear takes over and we breathe shallow and live the same way, afraid to put our toes in all the way and get our hair wet and streaked with color. 

there's walking and there's leaping, and there's a way to put a spring in the simple steps. there's a way to live like you're free and not like you're bound. those chains are broken, so stand up straight and dance, why don't you?

i have little eyes that watch me, big blue orbs that follow my every move and light up when i speak. and she sees the way i live. this little life breathes free against my chest every night, grabs my face in chubby fingers and looks deep in ways that only little ones can do. 

{my little seeker, my warrioress in training}
3.5 months 
and she is teaching me freedom to breathe, to squeal at the little things and embrace life. and it's okay to cry heartbroken and not hide behind pursed lips and pressed-together fingers. 

we're dancing in the living room and laughing. and we read the Colour Kittens and she watches my lips with each word. 

that's a reminder to live if there is one. and i'm still unsure, baby steps of my own, living in freedom and light and love and so much grace. 

there is no end to His kingdom, my limitless King. 

releasing here, living here. 

for my little one. 
for me. 
for Him. 


  1. Oh I've needed this. I know I say it a lot, and you hear it so often, but it's true. I've been sifting through the past and trembling at the future and completely dissatisfied with the present...and it's all due to this tangled knot of fear and cowardice that's sitting where my heart used to be.
    What am I living for? And what am I afraid of that my King can't conquer?
    Thank you for the reminder and the courage.

  2. She is the most beautifully precious little girl, Rachel! I think I'm slowly discovering that die-daily,live freely mentality day by day too. As always, thanks for sharing snippets of your soul with us, dear-heart momma! <3

  3. smiles..great pic of your little one...and we learn so much through them...i think that is why we have children to help us remember that....they have fresh eyes, untained as they look at her for sure...smiles...

  4. Love this beautiful post and the pic of your gorgeous little girl!

  5. She's so pretty! With everything that we face day to day, big things and little things it is so easy to panic and fear, and hard to hear His whisper. Thanks for posting!

  6. Don't know what it is, but there's something about your wee girl in that picture that jolts my soul. She's so new, the breath of heaven is still on her... she's a special one!

  7. I want you to know I want to reach through the screen and squeeze your little warrioress in training...nothing but beauty there.


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