Saturday, June 4, 2011


Even though I'll never know what's up ahead / I'm never lettin' go, I'm never lettin' go / Roller coaster through the atmosphere / I'm drowning in this starry serenade...Owl City, Alligator Sky

Yet again, fellow bloggers have inspired me.

Carlotta at Pastor's Girl's Ponderings is having a truly delightful giveaway to celebrate her 1,000th follower, and Grace over at Puddles of Memories is celebrating her summer blog party: All Things Bright and Beautiful.

To their followers, they each posed the following question: what are your plans for the summer?

Perhaps this might seem like a fairly simple question. What activities and delights will fill my hours as these dreamy summer days float past me one by one?

At first, the answers seemed to come to me rapidly, with hardly a moment's hesitation...

...swimming in my parent's pond, spending hours curled up with a book under the spreading branches of a backyard maple tree.

...gathering with my friends to view the latest summer hits in the cinema, driving down the country lanes with the windows down and my summertime playlist of Owl City and Dashboard Confessional flooding my ears.

But then, I made a decision.

Yes, I plan on doing every last one of those wonderful things...most likely more than once through the weeks to come.

But I refuse to let those things define my summer.

I am going to make this summer an adventure...

...because I am going to live.

You see, there are greater things to do with my time than simply close my eyes and let the months drift by in a summery haze.

I am going to let my mind wander.

I am going to let my heart be a gypsy.

I will not linger in any place for too long...nor will I leave a moment too soon.

There are hearts to touch for the glory of God.

There are moments to inhale...breathing deep and holding my breath for just one more second.

Because I want to savor every tick of the clock...every clink of ice in my lemonade glass...every rippling brush of water against the lake's shore.

And so, this gypsy heart is going to wander amid the summertime.

I am going to live.

Because, as J.M. Barrie said... live would be an awfully big adventure.


  1. My goodness- YOUR posts inspire me so much. You are such a beautiful writer. And now my summer has changed for the better also. :)

  2. Take it from a fellow gypsy- they are more wonderful than words can express, the things that you find and think when wandering.
    The journey, not the arrival, matters.

  3. I would love to be a gypsy. And in my heart I am. You just remind me of how much I want to be one. :)

    I love your posts. You inspire me soooooo MUCH!!!

    Have a lovely day! xxxx~Kelsey

    p.s. I awarded you at my blog! :)


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