Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Las Gotas de Lluvia (Drops of Rain)

Don't you fret, M'sieur Marius / I don't feel any pain / A little fall of rain / Can hardly hurt me now / You're here, that's all I need to know / And you will keep me safe / And you will keep me close / And rain / will make the flowers grow. ~Les Miserables, Little Fall of Rain

It's raining.


While I can't say that I don't love the soft kiss of rain on my face or on the pattering of moisture on my windowpane...

...I'm starting to be a bit fed up with all this rain.

The weather has been nothing but unusual in this part of the world...raining one moment, beautiful blue sky the next.

I think it's feeling as off-kilter and strange as I myself have felt recently.

One minute, my skies are grey...broken...tears flowing as steady as Midwestern rain.

The next, the clouds break and my soul is flooded with a strange sort of joy, as though the windshield wipers of my heart have been turned on, and my vision clears again.

It's odd, to be sure.

Maybe I should go to Narnia, as I've always planned...

...and ask Aslan to turn me into a nyad or a dryad, one of the tree or water nymphs.

It might be a nice change... weave my hair with rose petals and ivy vines...

...or to wear water droplets like nature's diamonds about my neck... clad myself in a gown of clouds... wander barefoot through the softest grass that merges with my soul.

Perhaps I shouldn't complain about the weather so much.

Maybe I need to just embrace it.

Love it.

Wear it.

Take it into my soul and breathe it into my lungs.

I think I shall leap into puddles,

and make a necklace out of raindrops.

The best kind of rain, of course, is a cozy rain. This is the kind the anonymous medieval poet makes me remember, the rain that falls on a day when you'd just as soon stay in bed a little longer, write letters or read a good book by the fire, take early tea with hot scones and jam and look out the streaked window with complacency. ~Susan Allen Toth


  1. Your posts are ALWAYS beautiful...but this one especially so!

    I think Narnia might be a good idea anyway...but maybe Aslan would just tell you what you already voiced about embracing? hmm?

  2. Les Miz??? You know about Les Miserables (the musical)????? WIN. =)

  3. @Anna Olivia: Know Les Mis?? I ADORE Les Mis. Seen it once off-Broadway, and a couple times through local youth theater productions.

    I. Am. In. Love. <3

  4. OHMYDEARSWEETGOODNESS! You just made a Les Mis reference!!! Do you have any idea how much that totally made my night? I Les Mis--read the whole book and saw the Broadway musical this past spring. I hope you know how happy that made me.

    And this post was lovely, by the way. As I sit writing this, it's raining. I'll go to Narnia with you in a heartbeat. =)

  5. Yes. Let's all go to Narnia together.


  6. I really love how you write your posts. They are so magical. :) I'd love to travel into Narnia someday.

  7. Goodness Rachel, your writing is like poetry! Makes me feel like I'm reading your thoughts while I'm reading it. :)

  8. Wow... your blog is stunning! Beautiful post :)

  9. Ok, now you are more awesome than ever, Rachel. I am one of the biggest Les Miz fans breathing on this planet!! Just saw the Broadway/West End this year (finally my craving/love/obsession/fanatical-ism was satisfied.) Les Miz gives me thrills just thinking about it - and I'm not exaggerating. ;) I can name multiple different casts, sing most of the play, etc... hehehehe! Vive Les Miz! (sorry to derail the whole point of your blog post....)


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