Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Frustration (Important Announcement)

I am currently unhappy.



Entirely flabbergasted.

Someone on my Facebook friend's list reported my blog as "abusive spam." This took away my ability to post links to my blog anywhere on my Facebook page or on my blog's Facebook page.

This required for me to change my blog's URL (which has now been changed back again to the original URL, thanks to the help of Facebook, some amazing friends, and an act of God), as well as make a few other small changes in the script and embedding process of my blog.

I need prayer from you all. For this to have happened, it would have had to have been someone on my friend's list who did this to me. Meaning, it had to have been someone that I call a friend. My heart is hurting, and I am wounded to the point of tears.

Please pray that I do not get bitter about this. Please pray that my heart heals. Please pray that my emotions stay in check and I allow God to work through this circumstance to grow me closer to Him.

My most sincere and heartfelt thanks to each one of you for your continued support.

You are a blessing, valued, and loved.

To any of you that changed my info to the updated URL, please put it back now, as that URL is now null and void. DramaticElegance is alive again.

Praise God.

(You can read my most recent blog post here.)


  1. sad day. you are in my prayers, girlie.


  2. I'm praying for you! Keep strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!

  3. BLah, I'm sorry that happened!!! :(

  4. Thanks, guys. The prayers and love are beyond all words! <3

  5. I wondered why I couldn't get to it. Some people.

    I'll definitely pray!

  6. So that's probably why I couldn't see your previous posts. I hope everything is fine now. I hope you're doing better. I'm praying for you! It's terrible to think that someone could do this to you. Just be strong in the Lord. He brought you to this for a certain reason which we might not understand right now. But I'm so glad Dramatic Elegance still is here!


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