Saturday, July 2, 2011


Orange eclipse, I can taste your lips / In the citrus afternoon / If you can fly, don't stop at the sky / 'Cause there's footprints on the Moon ~Owl City, Yacht Club

This was a very citrus afternoon. 

After juicing all those limes yesterday, it was little to no work at all to combine their lip-puckering sweetness with a few other ingredients. 

Two key lime pies now sit in my refrigerator, patiently awaiting their raspberry-syrup-and-whipped-creme-topped debut at tomorrow's family 4th of July celebration. 

(If you want the recipe I used, check out Olivia's blog here. For my own lime-juicing adventures, check out yesterday's post!)

Summer and citrus truly do go hand in hand. 

Lemonade on a sultry hot day, sitting on a porch swing with your best friend, laughing and sipping your tart beverage as the ice clinks gently against the glass...

...a sweet lemon ice and fresh raspberry smoothie, toes wiggling just under the surface of a relative's swimming pool, the breeze blowing just enough to cool your skin and ruffle your hair...

...and yes, even a slice of fresh, homemade key lime pie on the 4th of July, enjoying the sour-sweet firework show occurring on your tongue, a delightful precursor to the firework show coming when the sun finally slips below the horizon and the American sky goes navy blue. 

Perhaps I will forever associate my own patriotism with the aroma and taste of key lime pie, and with the feel of fingers made wrinkling by the acidic juice sinking into my skin. 
One of my own finished pies
Photo by DramticElegance

Perhaps summer will always be citrus fireworks to me.

Perhaps that is how it should be.

Because isn't that what summer is, really?

A combination of the bitter and sweet...moments of joy as lifetime memories are made, and outstretched fingers of heartbreak as so many things change. 

Summer is tart and acidic. 

Beautiful and full of sweetness and life. 

Summer is citrus.

And that's how it will always be. 

I wish that we could sail our sad days away / Forever / In deep blue seas of paper mâché / Let's dance in the moonlight / A barracuda chased our dog days away / Forever / Let's sink or swim 'til we fall in love / And dance in the moonlight / When we join the yacht club. ~Owl City, Yacht Club


  1. I'm a new follower and I just wanted to tell you that I love the C.S. Lewis quote, :D

  2. @Josiphine: Which C.S. Lewis quote are you referring to?

  3. I felt refreshed just reading this. :) My mum made some citrus water today for some out of town company we had, and it was soooo lovely running inside from such a hot [90+ degrees, hon.] day to drink the citrus water.

    Love the Owl City quotes as well. ;)

  4. The one you see where it says 'post a comment' I love it.

  5. @Josiphine: Oh, yes! I actually totally forgot that quote was there! =)


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