Thursday, July 7, 2011


In dreams, we enter a world that's entirely our own.  ~Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I have a Bucket List. 

Actually, I think more people have bucket lists than they're willing to admit. 

After all, at first glance, it might seem silly to have a little list of all our secret hopes and dreams...

...some tiny, some huge, most insignificant to those around us.

In fact, I never planned on sharing my own personal Bucket List with the world. My list is eclectic, artsy, random...maybe, to any eye that isn't mine, it might even seem trite or foolish.

But then a post & fabulous Bucket List themed giveaway over at (life's too short not to)wear red shoes inspired me to stop being so uptight. I bear my soul on this blog all the reason that I cannot share my dreams with the world, as well.

And is a sampling...a taste, if you will...of the dreams I must meet before I "kick the bucket," some of which were born when I was a very little girl.

1.       Visit every continent AT LEAST once (North America and South America have been achieved...the rest are still to come)

2.      Read every Brian Jacques novel ever written
3.      Visit “The Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter” AND buy my own wand.
4.      Cook my way through “The Art of French Cooking” by Julia Child
5.      Have dinner at the “Eagle & Child” in C.S. Lewis' booth
6.      Take AT LEAST one semester of classes at Oxford University
7.      Go skydiving, bungee jumping, or SOMETHING that requires me to leap from a very high location
8.      Visit every state in the Union.
9.      Adopt a Peruvian child
10.   Get a tattoo
11.    Learn how to make French macaroons PERFECTLY
12.   Have a handwritten-letters penpal with someone I have never met in real life.  (Grace Doolittle, June 30th, 2011)
13.   Visit the Holy Land
14.   Write a novel that actually gets published.
15.   Make it onto the New York Time’s Best Seller list
16.   Learn how to French braid
17.   Ride an elephant
18.   Perform as the Witch in Into the Woods
19.   Perform in Wicked as ANY role
20.  Visit the Eifel Tower
21.   Visit Machu Pichu
22.  Have dinner at Caprial and John Pence’s Supper Club
23.  Meet Paula Deen AND cook with her
24.  Meet J.K. Rowling
25.  See Owl City in concert (June 30th, 2011, Summerfest 2011)
26.  See Imogene Heap in concert
27.  Attend culinary school
28.  Get. My. Degree.
29.  Stand on a Broadway stage
30.  Meet Douglas Gresham AND have a conversation with him
31.   Meet Adam Young AND have a conversation with him
32.  Take an art class and actually apply myself this time
33.  Get to the point that I am reading my Bible every day habitually
34. Perform in "Les Miserables" in some capacity
35.  Direct a theatrical performance (Hansel and Gretel, Opening Night 9/24/2010)
36.  Open my own Etsy shop

Yes, these things may seem silly. Odd. I know they are truly a random collection of dreams, woven of my own heartstrings and overly vivid imagination. 

But I don't care. 

These are my dreams. These are my goals. 

And you can't make me smaller. 

My heart is just too big.

Let go of the world you know, and plug in the party lights / Soak your cares in the solar flares that light up these island nights / Orange eclipse, I can taste your lips in the citrus afternoon / If you can fly, don't stop at the sky, / 'cause there's footprints on the moon ~The Yacht Club, Owl City


  1. I'm so glad you shared your list! It's awesome.

  2. That's a really neat bucket list! :)

    I like #'s 2, 9, 13, 14, 15, 21, 23, & 36 the best.

    Brian Jacques novels are one of the best novel series I've ever read in fantasy!

    Hey, my mom is from Peru, and I've been to Machu Pichu before, but I have no memory of it. :)

    I totally want to visit the Holy Land too someday.

    Ever since I was 13, I've wanted to publish my own book and Lord-willingly have it on the New York's Bestseller list too someday.

    I so want to meet Paula Deen too and to cook with her as well. In fact, its on my bucket list. ;)

    I've been thinking about opening up an etsy shop to sell my photos, but I'm still thinking on that one though.

    Sorry this is such a long comment. :)
    Take care, and I hope you'll be able to complete all of your items from your bucket list someday. God Bless!

  3. I loved reading through your bucket list! By the way, I'm wondering why your blog posts aren't coming out on my dashboard. :(

  4. I love that you've already accomplished some of your goals, my bucket list has yet to be written down, but this giveaway might spur me on! =)

  5. @Jemimah: They should still be coming through...I wonder why they're not. Is anyone else having that problem? =( Are you following me for sure?

  6. I wish I could learn how to french braid Love your bucket list dear, its awesome! I should write mine out sometime:)

  7.'re bucket list is pure genius. I have *no* idea why you harbored doubts about posting it! I completely agree with every one that includes being in a musical production of some sort. And entirely support it. Musical theater is the GREATEST invention since the vocal chords!!
    I've read every Brian Jacques novel!! He was such a fantastic writer, and I sobbed the day he died! You should try reading Diana Wynn Jones as well!
    And I love being your pen-pal. :D

  8. I'm glad you all enjoyed it...I was really kinda anxious about posting this. I'm not sure why. I seem to have no problem posting about my deepest emotional crises, but not about my innermost dreams. Hmm...something to consider, perhaps.

  9. Ohh, I adore reading others' bucket lists. You have some good ones on there--books to read, places to go, musical theatre to participate in (also on my bucket list...sigh). =)

  10. That's basically my bucket list...except mine is a lot longer and I haven't crossed anything out yet. I think I dream too big sometimes...

    it all looks awesome.

  11. @Clair: NEVER say that you dream too big. It's big dreams that make us who we are, and big wishes that encourage us to think beyond the clouds. Like Owl City says, "there are footprints on the moon."


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