Wednesday, September 21, 2011


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little kids and blowing bubbles go together.

there's something so innocent about pressing your lips together to blow a steady stream of air, causing the world to expand and expand

come together and let go

that floats and floats on the breeze, catching light in a strange sort of glint that cannot be described right or duplicated right

until something gets in the way and


in a glisten of raindrop beads as the beauty goes from high to shattered before these little ones even have a chance to react or try to save their perfect bubble.

and then they giggle and do it again. 

life is like that, i think.

it's a bubble that we strain to create as innocent children.

my world, my creation, my perfect bit of sunshine

{via pintrest}
all about us until something comes into the path of our sunny day and


our beauty goes from high to shattered on the pavement with no warning to save our precious pieces.

but sometimes

we can't giggle anymore.

 because the giggle went away when we grew up and got cynical and hardened because life is just that hard and nothing floats the way it used to when you get to just that age.

but then, isn't it funny how we forgot our unchanging God?

this One without turning or shadow. this One who changes not and loves much.

this One who promised to carry our brokenness when the path just gets too hard and too much and all the bubbles have popped.

in these moments, i praise. win or lose, joy or pain, greatness or destruction.

there is no shadow.

and His change is never.

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  1. I've thought about this as well! I think there are alot of people {including me at times} that live in a bubble. And when my bubble is popped, instead of giggling, I rush and blow another one again, so that I won't have to see what's in the outside world. I don't want to see or feel the pain, I don't want to hear the screams or taste the hurtful words on my tongue.
    I just want my life to be happy. So I keep blowing that bubble. But I realize I don't have to. Because in Him there is all safety. All love, all joy. And the bubble isn't needed anymore.
    Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. i think there has to be a balance...wehave to be able to retreat at times but not fool ourselves..knowing what is out there it gives us an opportunity to show loveand compassion...

  3. I blew bubbles with children this summer in El Salvador. It was very releasing, and the most fun I've had blowing bubbles in a long time.

    There is no shadow. His change is never. Yes.

  4. "our beauty goes from high to shattered on the pavement with no warning to save our precious pieces." that's where i've been lately, without the remembering of his "unchangingness".
    you have such a lovely way of writing. i just enjoy the walk every time i come here. thank you.

  5. Bubbles and rainbows and children and *pop*. Thanks for the reminder that our God is unchanging and longing for us to return to Him.

  6. The bubble analogy is so true. Wonderful post; thank you for the reminder.

  7. Wow! What a beautiful analogy. Thanks for reminding me of God's never-changing goodness and steadfastness. Love your post!

  8. yes yes, i love this! so true. i don't have many words right now because of the current state of my brain, but i did want to comment and say how much i really liked this post. thank you for sharing your realness. it's beautiful.

  9. This is beautiful. No, He never changes.

  10. Ohhh loved the thoughts with life and bubbles and we sure do let things, hurts and pains get in the way! I will never look at bubbles the same way!

  11. i love bubbles. i never get tired of how they soar... but the shattering is oh so hard. xo

  12. I used to carry a small bottle of bubbles that I got at a wedding in my purse when my boys were small. No matter where we were, if they needed a distraction, the bubbles never failed. We do lose our resiliency sometimes, don't we? Faith should bouey us at times when we choose to stay deflated. Such a beautiful reflection.


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