Monday, September 5, 2011

bits {71-83}

let's waste time chasing cars around  our heads. ~Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars

it's been an intense week.

and now it's Monday. i'm so very in love with this Monday, though.

thus far, it's been perfect.autumny cool and rich in grace.

i may have just jinxed my elegant morning, but still. it was flawless.

and i'm in love with the simple things that have been my companions this week.

those little things that have made this path worth walking
 and these evenings full of reveling and delights. 

  • 71. music. searching through iTunes for new favourites to create my autumn playlist.  Alex Goot. Audrey Assad. He Is We. this song in particular is worthy of dancing every time it's played, which has been a lot. so is this one.
  • 72. the return of my mum and sister to the United States. three months was truly too long. 
  • 73. french braids and neon-green ribbons. sister time with German chocolates and Jane Eyre. 
  • 74. the sweetness of late nights, snuffly snores blending with Gilmore Girls. 
  • 75. lace curtain stargazing
  • 76. early-birthday kisses from my grandfather. just a bit past 70 and one of my best friends. 
  • 77. rehearsals that make me think, maybe i can do this after all. 
  • 78. a word. just a word. Mine. 
  • 79. freedom from fear. from sin. from death. knowing whatever my lot, it is well with my soul. 
  • 80. family. my family, in particular. 
  • 81. food blogs. the kind that make your stomach rumble and your mouth water and your fingers itch to take up a wooden spoon and create something magic. 
  • 82. gardens that speak of Jane Austen and smell of lavender and sage. 
  • 83. the ability to approach without fear. being able to pray
these are those tidbits. those little big things in which i could lose myself forever. 

blessed beyond measure.

linking with multitudes on Mondays
so much beauty found here. 


  1. Found you via Ann's link up... love the sweet beauty of your writing and your blog. Just feels peaceful. ...I will be back! Blessings on your lovely Monday!!

  2. I saw that image on it SO MUCH.
    Have a lovely day sweetheart.

  3. "73. french braids and neon-green ribbons. sister time with German chocolates and Jane Eyre. "

    happy sigh.

    btw, since i can't reply to your blog comment in my email, here's my reply :)
    yes, i did go to truck pulls....with some friends and's fun for the first 20 minutes [if it's not hot and muggy out like it was that day! hah! :P]
    ...after that, i just want to do something else. lol :)

  4. this is an email test comment.

  5. This is beautiful, Rachel!
    Enjoyed reading your list today. =)
    (I have officially heard of Alex Goot for the first time thanks to you.)


  6. Mm, number 73 sounds magical. Great list.

  7. 82 sounds absolutely wonderful! beautiful post!

  8. Oh #82 Yes! I want to go to a garden like that!


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