Sunday, September 11, 2011


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i was 10. telling everyone "almost 11." almost but not quite.

red and blue and green and yellow dress. gap-toothed smile and dark bobbed hair.

flash of a camera bulb. school pictures taken. sister comes next.

little-shoes skipping back to mama, asking why the tears and why was everyone so sad.

television flashes. fire. smoke billowing like something from a movie i wasn't allowed to watch. screaming. people jumping, life gone in a leap.

first one plane. then another. then comes collapse. smoke and screams mingling in horror that flowed like a rapid-rising river from sea to shining sea.

fear. so much fear.

mama, sister, and i at the tea shop. eating my favourite soup in a bread bowl, with big ice cream cones and jelly beans afterwards. mama saying "it might be the last."

phone calls to daddy on her old cell phone.

i love you.
what do we do?
God knows.

so many heroes lived and died that day. first responders ran in while hundreds ran out. 

and three fathers shed their hero blood to spare their cities with cries of 

let's roll. 

today marks 10 years. 

that little girl is now 20. the dress has turned to jeans and the teeth have all come back to make a complete smile.
Photo by DramaticElegance
wax memorial in Madame Tussad's, NYC

but the world is now so different. my country is different. 

we have a war now. we have pain now. we have so much hate now. 

turbans and hijabs spell terror to ignorance. be watchful, yes. but hate not. 

it's hard for me to wrap my mind around these children. innocent-eyed angels that don't know. the little ones who wonder why we stand and sing and weep and remember. 

honouring rows and rows of our own heroes today. men and women in our church with medals pinned by our pastor. the colour guard and standing ovations. hands over hearts and red-white-blue at the front. 

the words in bronze hang from my husband, my father-in-law, my mother-in-law. the soliders. the cops. the EMTS. the firemen. they all stood and received the same words of power. 

to honour and respect those who serve and protect.

evil is real. He is stronger. 

the USA still stands. the colours still wave. 

we must affirm Truth. Justice. Love. 


we still remember
we still honour
we still stand.

You are stronger / You are stronger / Sin is broken / You have saved me. / It is written / Christ is risen / Jesus, You are Lord of all ~Stronger, Hillsong

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  1. That was so beautiful! Moved me to tears. Really. I love what you said at the end:
    We still remember.
    We still honour.
    We still stand.
    Love it :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. the struggle to hate or love and be watchful reminds me of this:
    " is not a finite resource. the more you love, the more you love."

    and it works both ways.
    the more you hate, the more you hate.

    beautiful post. ♥

  3. Rachel, I had no idea you were so young -- you are an old soul, my dear -- and I mean that in the best way. How else could you write so eloquently of an event that happened while you were so very young? Your words here take my breath away.

  4. A beautiful post for a sad day in americas history.

    (By the way I'm having a 9/11 link up post,for everyone to link up with there 9/11 rememberance post.)


  5. can you say, goosebumps? that's what you did to me with this post. i was 11...young, yes, but was it forever imprinted upon my mind and heart? yes. but this is so true. He is greater and stronger. And I was just talking to my mom about the racism and hate. i love how you said it. "be watchful, yes. but hate not."

    it saddened me that the Pakistani girl i work with was afraid for people to know that she's Muslim. she jokingly said, "i'll be Christian today" or even that she might wear a bindi so that she'll look Hindu. it bothered me because Pakistani people in general and her in particular had absolutely NOTHING to do with 9/11. and yet some people hate and judge and jump to conclusions and assumptions.

    anyway...beautiful post of remembrance, my dear. thank you for pointing us to the true source of truth, justice, and love.

  6. Wow...echoing Michelle's comment here. Beautiful tribute and wisdom Rachel.

  7. You are a very eloquent lady with words Rachel. I thank God for your talent. Aunt Mary

  8. Standing with you, sweet friend. So much innocence lost that day. Let us never forget. And let it make us live better--LOVE better.

    Love to you.


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