Friday, September 9, 2011

real life

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the word

now GO...

i'm on a Gilmore Girls obsession lately. 

i think it's because i've been dreaming on this concept of real life. once again, planned before i put fingers to keys. 

i sit and watch this show, mother and daughter with all this quirk and all this mischief

and all that reality that modern television likes to obsess upon in an awkward and overbearing way. 

real life is becoming something a bit too false.

reality television? all connections being over social networking and nothing face-to-face? chained to the desktop, unable to branch out and up and forward.

i love my blog. 

i love those dear brothers and sisters that i have added to my family through this simple typed medium. i love my facebook and twitter, two ways in which i can connect with those who have gone from home to uni in two steps without looking back. 

but i love my family doubly so.

my mother's tender hugs, 

my father's volumous laughter in my ear. 

food on my tongue when shared with my sister, 

coffee steam hot in my face at a social moment with a friend. 

tears in my eyes and love in my heart as we commune face-to-face.

this is real life. 

found online, found in the heart, found when joined heart-to-heart and then again. 

mix the two.

you'll find common ground. 


  1. wow. soooo good. and can I just tell you how encouraging you were on my blog. thank you. I love how you don't rip down the social network community. "we are losing touch yada yada..." I am glad you see the upside to this. God can and IS using it for His glory. Thank you for showcasing that.

  2. I loved the line "coffee steam hot in my face" so many memories connected to that..

  3. You always write so beautifully, even when you're freewriting! I'm more stop and start. :/

  4. Beautiful thoughts. I loved the idea of "coffee steam" true.

  5. I love reading your posts because they are always so so lovely and warm <3

  6. i can't believe you can whip something up this beautiful in just five minutes. go you. i'm impressed and inspired. :)

  7. I have never heard of 5 minute friday before but it is so good! definitely doing that this week :) Found your blog through mrs. alana's miscellany and can't wait to keep following you in the future!

    <3 Daryl
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