Thursday, September 22, 2011

{photo shoot ~ 21}

tomorrow i turn 21. it's almost impossible to believe.

for my birthday gift, my amazing photographer-sister {Abby of PinkStudios Photography}did a photoshoot of me.

the results?

 1. i have strange ideals of beauty. i generally never wear makeup or really do any sort of fashionable shopping. it takes my sister a lot of convincing to get me to put on something super stylish or wear more than mascara and lipgloss. also, i'm continuously in the same pair of flip-flops from March to about mid-November {or until it snows}.  

2. i have dreamed my entire life of being the first plus-sized "mini-model" to be on America's Next Top Model. but then again, i realized how much that would change me. and so that dream died. but somehow, i think i'm okay with that now. i can change the world from my little corner. right here. ordinary me.

3. i dream in black and white with only the occasional pop of colour. seriously, it's like an old noir film in my head 24/7.

4. my sister and i never dreamed of being artists. we never saw ourselves here when we were kids. and now we're living out dreams we never even knew we had.

 and so this is me.
turning 21 tomorrow.

i promise a post of more sustenance with my dwellings on the day tomorrow.

but for now

picture this.


  1. ah, you're beautiful!
    your smile is really something else.

  2. I love the sixth picture on the left! Gorgeous.
    Happy early birthday :)

  3. Beautiful!!!!
    Happy birthday Rachel. :)

  4. You are so beautiful! I hope you have a very very happy birthday!!! :)

    Big hugs, xxxx~Kelsey

  5. Happy birthday, Rachel!! September is a lovely month to have a birthday. :)

  6. awww...yay, i love picture posts! :) my bff did a photoshoot for me for my 21st birthday back in March. good times. you're so pretty. i love these pics.

  7. One thing I learned in Bible College was:
    "If you think GOD is opening a new door for your life, but you are uncertain, go ahead and kick it open, if He does not want you to go through that door, He will slam it closed right in your face."
    Never be fearful when your heart is pure before a HOLY GOD! He looks out for His own!
    Happy Birthday Rachel, I love all the pictures. Love, G Aunt Avolene

  8. you are stunning. i love how these are so introspective and showcase both your playfulness and love of life, as well as your shining soul. i think my favorite is the second one down from the top; it looks like it could be on the cover of some fabulous indie music record.

    happy 21st. :-)

  9. May you have an amazing birthday! Your are so gorgeous on the outside, but the best part is you're absoloutely stunning on the inside, too.

    Happy early birthday, love,

  10. Beautiful shots and super cute owl necklace. Happy, happy birthday friend.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are gorgeous!!!!!! Don't ever doubt that. Your smile is STUNNING. I hope you had a great birthday! Love you!
    --Sara Beth

  12. you are absolutely GORGEOUS. i love the pictures; i'm so glad you shared them with us!

    happy birthday, sweet girl; i hope it's one to remember through the years. :)

  13. Beautiful photos! Happy Birthday! :)

  14. My bestie is BEAUTIFUL! inside and out! I love you!

  15. Happy birthday! You're SO beautiful, Rachel!! <3

  16. So beautiful friend!! Happy belated birthday!

  17. Belated happy birthday!!!

    I meant to comment before on how lovely you are in the pictures your sister took! Thanks for sharing!

  18. BEAUTIFUL pictures! o.O Purple is your color for sure, and I love the way your shirt matches your blog. ;) Just perfect.


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