Sunday, September 25, 2011


{Dorothy and Toto get to know the Scarecrow}

i am currently seated in my overstuffed leather armchair. 

hair back in a bit of a ratty ponytail, toes bare. my grey t-shirt speaks my weekend to a t.

defying gravity. 

this weekend, i walked down the yellow brick road with a fantastic cast of 45. 

we made magic. 

in this world we created, scarecrows can sing and men made of tin can wander through the woods. lions can skip and little girls can become puppy dogs with the help of a little black makeup. 

poppies are dangerous. trees are fierce. witches can be good or bad...well, only two. giant mystical wizards might be a little less than they appear. 

and ruby shoes have magical powers.  

we also made a family. 

i sit here, a green t-shirt drapped over the arm of my comfy resting place. 

45 Sharpie-scrawled signatures. 

who knew that yellow bricks could cement hearts like this? 

this technicolour magic lingers still. 
{melting...she's melting}

i'm crying now. i miss them already. they took my heart and painted it silver.

i have brains, a heart, and courage aplenty.

it was wonderful. 

to my incredible cast and crew: 

who can say if i've been changed for the better, but because i knew you, i have been changed for good.

{i promise that there are more pictures from the show coming soon. these are just two of my favourites that have been posted so far, and i wanted to share them with you.}


  1. CONGRATS Rachel! I simply can't WAIT for the rest of the pictures!

  2. congrats!!! sounds like it was a total blast!
    more pictures pweese:-)

  3. Congrats! I'm glad your show went well! :)

  4. i love that song you quoted... it's my favorite one from Wicked. looks like your play went fabulously. :) so exciting! but i know it's sad when good things come to an end. all losses are sad. and you will miss them, that's normal and natural, but you created something wonderful and beautiful. and you made bonds and friends that will always be remembered. i wish i could have seen the performance. you should be proud of yourself. :)


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