Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{untitled for love}

{found this via my dear rain. artist anyone?}
so little is sure.

and so we clutch planners and calenders and count days on our fingers and toes and say 

i will. 
we will. 
this will.

and then it comes and all has changed. 

twenty one years can change a lot of all i thought i knew. 

here is not here sixteen years ago. dreams were not these, and life was not these cobblestones. 

it was all me. not this. 

i dreamed of perfection of jots and tittles. of smooth roads and transplanted potholes. 

i never dreamed of free thoughts or casting capitalization away and making rational thought from these fluttering butterflies. that university would fade into a "maybe someday" and i would consider dreadlocks from this smoothness. 

i never dreamed in peeling paint and bare toes and paintbrush bristles and jewel tones. 

i should have. 

a conversation with my sister. her eighteen to my twenty and one. us both shaking heads and laughing.

did you see us here? as artists? 

neither of us did. 

so little is sure. 

i like this new me, i think. no, i know i do. i didn't know how hard it would be. but that's alright. because He knows. and i'm learning this dance of trust and 

yes, Lord and Thy will

so now we're sister artists. photographer, writer. long hair swept up in scarves and learning to touch Heaven from earth again. 

and we bury our dayplanners and say, if He wills. 

we follow now. 

these sister artists. 

{again linking this imperfection with love}


  1. nice...i am no where near where i thought i would be...but ina good way i is a roller coaster...twists and turns...but att he center his will if we let it...and whata ride it can be...smiles. nice write...

  2. Awh! Sissy! I love this. It really is strange to think that those two little girls sitting on a bedroom floor of really hideous green shag carpet would end up to be two aspiring artists..Although we all knew you would always be the grammatically correct one.

    I love you sis!

  3. so lovely. :-) artists made in the image of The Artist.

  4. "Learning to touch Heaven from earth again." Just beautiful! I love your writing! And I know what it feels like to shake your head about where you expected to be and where you actually ended up! Life takes us to crazy places, and I think that it's in the going to where we never expected we would that makes all the difference.

    I just started a little link-up over at my blog called "Storytellers"--for artists and other creative-minded people. I would love to see you there sometime! :)

  5. Loved this! Very encouraging.

  6. oh gosh, i so needed this.

    “and we bury our dayplanners and say, if He wills.’ LOVE. I’m saving that one. the sweetest reminder that His plans are always the perfect ones.

    This post was beautiful. and all-kinds of heart-tugging.

  7. oh, that line: "and we bury our dayplanners and say, if He wills." i'm going to tuck this deep into my soul friend. love you, artist sister.

  8. Beautiful. I'm such a list planner...time watcher...chaos despiser... Your post will stay with me as I pray to find this place of burial.


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