Friday, September 2, 2011


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the word

now GO...

i was not going to do five-minute Friday today.

no, no, no. i had plans for this morning's post. 

inspired by this song i heard last night in a moment of iTunes inspiration. never before heard, just letting go and letting this song flood me and my exhausted heart over and over again until i was full.

i was going to do my thing.

and then i awoke this morning to see the word of choice. and i wept.

oh, what delight my King must take in me. He knew i must write on this thing called "rest." 

because i don't do it enough. not ever ever ever.

i like to fill myself to the brim and overflowing with plans and life and dreaming that never seems to run dry. i'm overcome by my own busy and to-do lists. 

even this day has so much packed within in, and it's barely half-past nine. 

i am restless. so so so restless. 

i just need rest.

i sit here weeping with exhaution and refreshment as it pours over me. this song plays in the background, one that brought this whole dream to a head. i cannot begin to express what mercies my King shows me this morning.

oh, how He knows what i need. even before i ask it.

i cannot stop this weeping at His love. how He knows me!

oh Jesus, how i adore You. how i ache, i yearn, i crave this thing called rest.

i cannot find it anywhere else

but in You. 

let me rest in You.

(also, i should tell you. on my iTunes, the song's length is five minutes. exactly.)

Still my heart / hold me close / Let me hear a still small voice / Let it grow, let it rise / Into a shout, into a cry / And I'm restless, I'm restless / 'Til I rest in You,  / let me rest in You / I'm restless, so restless / 'Til I rest in You, 'til I rest in You / Oh God, I will rest in You ~Audrey Assad, Restless


  1. you.are.a.sweet.daughter.of.the.King.

  2. this is so beautiful. only our Father could ordain such a meeting of 5-minute Friday and this song. I'm encouraged to see Him in the day-to-day by your reflection.

  3. ah, good old freewriting. I need to pick that up again. I hope mine could be half as beautiful as yours!

  4. ah Rachel...what a beautiful song. i'm so glad you shared it with me. i've just listened to it twice in a row. how much it resonates with my soul today! i'm so restless and tired and weary today. i need to rest in Him. so desperately. when will i learn that i can't survive if i don't do that? i pray that you find rest in Him even midst the busyness of your day.

  5. Wow. God is so breathtaking. It's wonderful to hear how He's working in your life, Rachel! Rest is something I have been thinking a lot about too. Beautiful words.

  6. Thank you for sharing what God lays on your heart. This song is blessing me much as well. Praise the Lord!


  7. Beautiful. Resting is something so few of us understand. But something I am striving for.

  8. this. is. wonderful. i adore your heart, your transparency, your desire to be more and more His every single day. this post just overflows with the testimony of His goodness.

    p.s. october of last year, that song was carrying me through some hard moments. it sounds like it's doing the same for you and i'm so glad for that. :)

  9. Isn't it amazing, getting so enraptured with His love of us that we completely just fall apart and let our bodies be so restored?


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