Thursday, September 8, 2011



discretion tucked away behind yards of spiritual fabric.

so much silence found in place that should be flooded with joy

locked in the somberness of black and dark and 

walk this way
fit this mold
be this person

it's what He wants?

did we forget just as i am?

did we forget that this veil has been torn already

not by us from the bottom

 but by Him from the top?

no more cowering required. 

no more dark laces and segregation. 

this is freedom found

hair flowed loose, any colour allowed. silver jewels in ears and nose and lip. 

there is so much shouting here. so much colour here. so much life and love and freedom. 

there is no more condemnation. He sees all, forgives all, if only asked. 

did we forget where He looks? 
not out but in. 

so let this veil go. 

freedom is this song. 

{linking up with Jen and my loves at Soli Deo Gloria}


  1. Wow this is great! I love to be free in God! This was my Jesus Calling (devotion book) yesterday! Love it! Thanks!
    --Sara Beth

  2. i love this so much. this kind of thing is a great reminder for me when i feel so alone. when i feel vulnerable and when i feel afraid to be myself. He sees the real me and loves me just as i am. what can be more comforting?

  3. So beautiful, Rachel -- so much truth here.

    And I just love your glad you liked up with Hear It, Use It so I could meet you here!

  4. I love that: I want to be free also to led down a the veil and leave it. I love that He loves me and sees beyond any fault.

  5. gosh this made my day. thank you.

  6. The freedom...that total release! Glorious.


  7. i like this. difficult to stay in a constant state of mind like this one. . . find myself constantly having to lay it all out before Him yet again. one day--true freedom. looking forward to that.

  8. Not out but in...freedom in living as He created us to live, our outpourings an offering to the one who brings life to voices, to color, to our freedom. Beautiful offerings here, offerings of breaking free...


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