Thursday, September 1, 2011

sacred becomes you

people leave footprints. even if it's only unintentional marks on the world, they still manage to dot the world with their own mark.

good or bad.

some people carry sacred with them wherever they go.

they just live like Christ.

these people are


these dear souls leave me deeply nourished in beautifully unique ways. they lift my spirits, make me laugh or reflect; they weep when i weep and offer a soft place to rest. they keep dreams alive and are the ones I return to again, and again, and again.

You are one I return to because 
you live such truth and grace
You embody wisdom hard-earned along the curves of life; 
you emerge from darkness bearing life and light. 
You, warrioress you, inspire others to not only survive, 
but to live gratefully, tenderly, thoughtfully, and well.
You live your sacred, 
and it becomes you.

i was granted this blessing by my beautiful and inspiring rain, the creator of this gift. 

the sacred becomes you award.

and now i, in turn, want to grace the souls of those who have graced mine. 

i have carefully chosen the following amazing women to receive the Sacred Becomes You award:

  • Heather at Raining Silence. oh, my beautiful sister. every time I find myself at your corner, i am refreshed. it is as if you are watering my parched soul with your simple observations and acute. you are a flower in this desert of cacti.  never cease your growth. never cease to find your voice. 
  • Charla Beth at Heart Like Mine. you are a gem. a jewel. i am so blessed each time your posts appear. i cannot stop smiling and weeping all at once when i read your words. you bare your soul to us all, and for this, you are a heroine among women. 
  • Grace at Puddles of Memories. your strength is legendary. you are honest, in richness of pain that i cannot even begin to wrap my mind around. you are unafraid to let the world know you struggle, you ache, and you fight your way to life each morning. you rely on nothing but your King. never stop breathing this love. 
  • Emily at imperfect prose. you taught me to let go. you taught me to write like i had no audience but my Jesus. you showed me that it was okay to let go of perfection, of capital letters, of fears of what the world might say or think of me. you are a child of paint and love and salvation uninhibited. never cease these blessings to us all. 
  • Rain at the sacred life. you are a white rock in this pit of blackness. you face this world with pen and ink, with strength and tears, and with more love than most carry in their little finger. you inspire and encourage and overwhelm with more love than i could ever pray to possess. bless you for your love. for your faith in the One who supersedes all.
Actually, there aren't many. This is an award designed to honor the recipient without obligation. However, if you choose to pass it on, please consider the following guidelines:

1) Always link back to the one who awarded you and share what this award means to you.
2) Choose your recipients (as few or as many as you like!) and write something about how they have touched your life.
Include the award! 


  1. Oh friend, how honored I feel to be a part of this list. You are an inspiration to me. I feel I come here and learn more about how to love and how to write.

  2. Ohhh... *breathes deep* ... You gave it back to me! I did not expect this! Thank you. <3

  3. oh wow. oh rachel... how this humbles me. you teach me too, sister. xo

  4. oh my word, rachel--i am so unbelievably humbled and honored that you would pass this onto me.

    your words are always a well of encouragement, breathing life into all who pass through. that is what you have done for me just by being you. :)

    thank you for this <3


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