Friday, September 30, 2011

{important giveaway update}

life is complicated.

sometimes things arise that we cannot predict.

but God is good and in control.

but due to a family emergency in the lives of one of my upcoming Esty sponsors, i am currently having to rearrange things for October's giveaway.

actually, i am currently searching for another esty shop to enter this next month's giveaway.

the next giveaway will now be starting on October 5th instead of tomorrow.

i have five days to find another jewelry/photography/art shop willing to enter into this giveaway on intensely short notice.

prayers are so richly appreciated. if you or someone you know would like to take this position, please let me know as soon as possible

UPDATE: Alana has graciously offered up a product from her shop for next month's giveaway. God is so good. Please check out her blog and shop; she is truly wonderful!

however, on a positive note, this means that the current giveaway has been extended.

a difficult situation into a blessing.

be sure to enter September's giveaway here

thank you all so much for understanding and for your patience.

-blessings abound,


  1. Good luck Rachel!
    Finding sponsors is so difficult. *sigh* I'm currently looking for one so I can have a giveaway as well.

  2. We could probably work something out, if you're interested. :)

  3. i'm going to decide which canvas for ya VERY soon. promise. ♥


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