Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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every artist's tools have a story.

look at the old pen and inkpot, stained with fingermarks and blots of this novel and that world's creation. there was life born there.

the pointe shoes, tattered toes and dirt-marred satin. what leaps speak novels in these wrecked canvases?

and then there are the paintbrushes. 

flecked with paint and primer and so many colours that the layers have become one upon another.

oh, what mysteries of tender caresses and angry slashes are found here amid the horsehair and bamboo?

see this is what i desire

no more sketching with my charcoal that can be

and washed 

and faded down 

to nothing with just a bit of pressure. 

i want raw. 

no more scrapping my brush across the surface of the palate, just covering the tip.

sleeves rolled up, arms plunged in up to the elbow. 

{via pintrest}
blue dripping to a puddle on the floor.

a single strand of hair brushed across a forehead results in a streak

of yellow 

and purple 

and red 

and aqua

skin once bare made perfect. 

no more surface living. no more sketches of me. no more maybe this or perhaps that. 

i want deep. down to the bottom where the richness resides. 

this is what it is to be used for glory. 

for so much beauty, for all this majesty. 

take me deeper. 

i ache for You to hold me.

melt me. 
mold me.
fill me. 
use me.

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  1. Yes, for this I desire as well: i want deep. down to the bottom where the richness resides.

    What is life without His richness to color the days?

  2. ah, i love this! granted, if you write about anything pertaining to art in any form, i'm bound to love it. hehe. but still...magical writing, as always.

  3. Love this. And I'm rolling my sleeves up and plunging in. Truly, authentically there is no other way.

  4. beautiful, truly. your thoughts and words are original and inspirational.

    (as a random side note, I thought I'd tell you that it's pinterest, not pintrest...you have forgotten an E ;])

    much love,

  5. I will join you as well. I want God to be ingrained on my heart and flowing through my skin.


I look at you and see all the ways a soul can bruise, and I wish I could sink my hands into your flesh and light lanterns along your spine so you know there's nothing but light when I see you. :: Shinji Moon