Thursday, September 22, 2011

lamb's ears

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some of you may know that i'm on a journey.

a journey to find my voice in Him. a journey to seek the sacred.

this week, both of these journeys have met in a merging of roads that caressed my soul in ways i never could have comprehended.

His voice is sacred to me. 

and now we must discuss sheep for a moment.

in the days of Scripture's pen, sheep were kept at night in groups, enclosed within low stone walls and guarded by one shepherd who laid across the doorway to keep all univinted guests from harming the sheep.

and in the morning, the shepherds would come.

and one would stand at the gate.

and he would call. 

and from all those flocks nestled within the stone pen, only a few would step forward. his sheep would come forward. because they knew this voice that spoke to them. this was from their shepherd, their master.

and they followed him with love.

Rachel Lee. little lamb in the meadow.

{via pintrest}
i am a sheep, clustered in the pen with so many others. the voices of the universe, the crush of confinement, and the rush of life has nearly wiped my mental slate clean.

and then He speaks
and i know His voice. 

because i belong to Him. and i run to Him, crying Abba Daddy. 

because i am learning to know His sacred voice.

His way is not safe. but He is so good.

and i follow. 

from now until the beginning of May 2012, i have embarked upon a study: discerning the voice of God by priscilla shirer. i do this in company with a small group of women from our church, led by my dearest mother. 
this walk is new to me, this concept of truly being still and hearing Him speak is familiar but oh so foreign. 
each week, i will be pouring His voice here. 
expect Him here.
 {pray for me.}


  1. It must be so special to be a part of that with your mother! That sounds like a great study.

  2. I love the image of sheep and the shepherd. It is maybe one of my favourite Biblical images of all.
    Thank you for this beautifully written reflection.
    And thank you for stopping by my "Imperfect Prose" post :)

  3. My Precious Lamb in the Meadow ... what incredible words from your pen. Now at hours from being 21, you are an official "ewe" no longer a little lamb! You will always have that tender place in my heart as my first born miracle child from the hand of God Himself! Our Great Shepherd delivered this sweet lamb to our fold when all hope was lost. It has been an honor a privilege to be the recipient of such amazing Grace from the Spepherd to be your "M.D," I love you to pieces and more!

  4. Ok, how cool that you are in a Bible Study with your mom!


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