Monday, September 12, 2011

eucharisteo {84-91}

i bought the book.

after almost a month of walking down this path of a thousand blessings and more, i finally took this volume in my hands.

one thousand gifts. ann voskamp. 

what i found, i did not expect.

but then again, i don't honestly know what i was expecting.

i think i was expecting a book. but this volume, this thing of paper and ink and cardboard cover...this is no book.

this is love flowing as through veins. this is mystery to be taken in and slowly, ravenously savoured like some rare and precious savory treat.

this book has lost me and gained me. emptied and filled me.

i see now what i did not see. 

and i'm barely touching chapter three. 

i wish you could see my copy. so full of markings, pen scribbles of my own floundering heart poured out to mingle with her poetry and truth.

the list has begun to form on the inside cover. each time i pen a blessing here, i will now write it in the book. making my own Gift List within the book itself.

and oh, how my blessings grow.

  • 84. freedom in Christ. freedom in country.
  • 85. this book of mud-straw nest and sky blue eggs. this dare to be different. this life-changer. 
  • 86. forgiveness. 
  • 87. sister's fingers through my hair, soothing as she combs and talks of things we missed.
  • 88. cooking, chopping with the new knives from father to mother, laughter amid sisters and mothers and daughters. 
  • 89. little boy arms around my leg, clinging. love you, rae-cho. 
  • 90. the perfect theatrical finale, coming together to make something so harmonious. this show will be a good show.
  • 91. rest. oh, the sweetness of rest after the arduous tousle of days packed full and nights of dark-laden screams. my God is good. 
i will never cease to praise. i will never cease to find this word of life. of joy. of grace. of every day steps. 

how they rise. a thousand lanterns brushing against Heaven's waiting fingertips. a thousand moments of perfect praise, gifts to Him from earth. 

finding this daily thanksgiving. 
this grace of living to live. 

"Eucharisteo—thanksgiving—always precedes the miracle." ~Ann Voskamp

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  1. My mom read this book and said it was amazing. I'll have to read it now I guess~

  2. Beautiful post, Rachel! Freedom in Christ and cooking {and allll the rest as well} are DEFINITELY blessings! Good luck with your performance!

  3. I'm new to your site and I absolutely loved it! Wonderful job.
    Followed you via Twitter.
    Visiting from Ann's Place...

  4. My mom is reading this book. She said it's a hard read, taking everything in.
    I have read bits and pieces, it's beautiful writing, and it seems as if you are there, traveling the journey as well.

  5. Hi Rachel!
    I gave you the One Lovely Blog award:) Congrats!


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