Wednesday, September 28, 2011


{my sister}
i've blogged about my sister before.

my hermana. my best friend. this beautiful fellow artist with whom i have tangled paintbrushes and inspiration for the past eighteen years.

i wrote about her just this morning. my blonde-turned-violet companion.

she photographed me for my birthday just last week.

and now she joins me here in this world of blogging.

i spent the afternoon teaching her. designing for her. smiling and laughing with her. 

i could not be more delighted. more honoured. more excited for her as she begins this new process.

would you join me in loving her?

you can mingle with her heart here.
she pins here
she photographs here

she's just starting out. just testing this waters for herself. 

so please

love on Abby with me. 

my best friend. 

my sister. 

fellow blogger. 



  1. I'm excited to 'meet' her and will definitely welcome her to the blogging world. Unfortunately, the link you gave to go to the blog is not working for me. =/

    It says- "Not Found. Error 404"

  2. ah, i love the spirit of this post. <3

  3. Awh! Thanks sissy.. you will always be the Pooh to my Piglet! :D


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