Saturday, September 10, 2011

morning honey

via {honey and jam}
sometimes, i don't know what to write about each morning

i wake up so inspired but there's just too much flowing from my head to my lips to my toes and back up again

i don't know where to put it all. 

it's mornings like this that i wish i was a photographer.

that i didn't have to pop around my pintrest or borrow from my sister's incredible photography to add the colour of my blog.

because i wish i could picture my inspiration in some way.

i wish i could channel these mornings.

these perfect mornings of sun and light and love that overflow from my soul.

i think it's because i'm overwhelmed emotionally. and i wept my heart out last night in sheer devastation and frustration.

but it's this gift He's given me

that after an emotional breakdown of tears, i get a beautiful and overwhelming rush of inspiration.

not the dramatic over-emotional kind that leads to dark poetry and angsty passion.

but the gift from Heaven kind. the kind where the gentlest whispers from my Almighty Father remind me of His presence.

the kind where He gifts me love.
via {pintrest}

a failure, you are not
empty, you are not
a beauty you are. 
inspired you are. 

so dry your tears with My grace
write write write. 

and so, i can't help but delight. 

i will soak in food blogs

and bask in this sunrise. 

i will never stop to question this sweetness that He bestows. 

like the delicate richness of honey on my tongue, pouring down my throat in celebration of this life. 

new. fresh. 
oh, so much sweet glory. 

because once again i see that joy comes in this morning. 

i find the beauty of this life 

flooded in His love. 


  1. I. Adore. Your post title. Seriously, it's divine!! Loved this post. You took the words right out of my mouth :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. beautiful.
    i know what you mean..some mornings just seem like the soul is overflowing . . . ♥

  3. I love food blogs too! I don't know what it is, but somehow food fuels and sustains more than just the body... <3

  4. So, so beautiful. You are such a gifted writer, Rachel! Your posts never cease to touch me and express things I wish I could.

  5. This is beautiful. Your writing inspires me. Never stop friend!


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