Wednesday, September 7, 2011


sorting through my silverware drawer, running my fingers over through the neat little rows of shining utensils.

freshly washed, freshly rubbed dry with soft red towels.

ever since i was a little girl, the silverware has had personalities all to themselves. the forks are knights, with their tine-made helmets. the knives are warriors with swords built in. they are fierce, these implements.

and then there are the spoons. no sharp edges, no points. the smoothness and the polish, but without any type of defense for themselves.

and so today, i went to my drawer of soldiers and warriors.

and to my two little rows of spoons. 

and i stood and stared at those small little pieces of silverware. and at first, i began to think i was a lunatic for putting so much stock into bits of metal with which the world eats.

but then i began to see myself in the reflection of one little spoon.

and i heard a Voice, so soft in my soul.

do you see you, dearheart? 
do you see Me and Mine?

and i saw me as a spoon. 

surrounded by warriors, people with influence to the world. and by soldiers, reaching out with power to the corners of the earth with shield and sword.

and then there is me. a spoon in a drawer.

maybe my edges are smooth and rounded, not the best for a defense.

but there's nothing better for comfort.

spoons serve up mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

and tomato soup. 

and all those things

warm and cold and soothing

spoons are soft and gentle.

i was made by Him to be a spoon.

and a spoon i shall be.

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  1. Aww! That was so pretty!!! In my mind, the spoons are the maidens. The sweet, kind young women who are considerate and put others before them, even in the time of trouble.
    It was just lovely, Rachel. I adore it all :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. I want to be a spoon, too. :)

    This post was beautiful!!

  3. Aw...I love this too. For, when all is said and done, it is the spoons we remember in life.

  4. This was absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for sharing! <3

  5. Love! You create the most fascinating pictures with words.

  6. smiles. this is lovely...we each have our place in the drawer...and our role...we need comforters...nicely written

  7. Beautiful words. Love the accompanying images as well.

  8. Lovely -- so often we choose to fashion ourselves into something we were not meant to be. But when we see ourselves as God intended, we can do amazing things for Him.

  9. WHERE DO YOU COME UP WITH THIS STUFF??? I'm so jealous. Everything you write is unique, your mind sees just beauty and everything, and I envy it.

    Such a beautiful post, Rachel. So beautiful.

  10. I used to play with spoons and forks and spoons when I was younger. The knives were, like you said, warriors, Forks were the influential people. And the Spoons, my gentle, loving spoons. The gentle, caring of the world.

    I wish to be a spoon.

  11. Your mind works in beautiful ways. It kinda astounds me.

  12. I think I might be a shrimp fork, small and prickly

  13. A spoon! How cute. Are you married to a spoon? If so, do you spoon? :)

  14. beautifully written. . . i'll never view my draw of silverware quite the same now :-) once again, i've loved my visit here.
    have a blessed day!

  15. Wonderful analogy; I love how Jesus gave us word pictures of things we see all the time, maybe so we could remember them better, and you've done the same. I'm going to be looking at silverware in a different way now.

  16. You know, it's funny how I never thought much of it, but spoons were always my favorite :) Lovely. There is a place for all of us even when it's hard to see or find.

  17. i will never look at spoons the same again, friend. i love how you see.

  18. This is absolutely glorious!!! I adore it!! There is so much hope and beauty here at your blog!!!


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