Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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again, i am drawn to the small.

it seems in recent days that i have been pulled toward those things which are normally passed over or seen as insignificant to careless eyes. 

spoons and steps to the sacred.

i awoke this morning with a picture in my head. it was the photograph just to the left. 

a photograph of eggs. and for some reason, i could not get it out of my head, regardless of whatever i might do to dislodge it.

and then i began my morning blog readings. and the first one that i read was this one by Ann Voskamp.

and i realized that my glorious King was whispering in His own silent way that this mental portrait of an egg needed to be poured out and shared.

and so i pour. 

i pour this thought that an egg's sacredness has been lost. a gift from Heaven to remind us again and again of the holiness of God. 

more than just the picture of the Trinity here on earth, though that is indeed a glimpse of Heaven's gates.

it is the reality that brokenness can be restoring

that in our weakest state, when our shells are shattered and strewn about, that we are the most fulfilled. the most ready to be used for the benefit of others. for the benefit of Him.

{via pintrest}
for glory to come, brokenness must occur. 

for life to be seen, the shells must crack.

for Love to be poured out, the blood and water had to flow. the shell was crushed for life to be born.

the Stone Table must crack for death to run backwards.

the King must die for Death to die. 

this is life. this is love.

this is what it means to be an egg.


  1. Isn't it amazing when you dream about something that hasn't even happened yet? Love getting messages like that.

  2. Again, I love this. So often there are truths hidden for us in the most insignificant things. You bring those things to light.

  3. but brokenness is hard. >_< being a crackable egg is hard. yes...life does come after brokenness, but existing in that state of brokenness is painful and exhausting.

    that's my raw and honest assessment of my current feelings. :/

  4. Umm.... you realize how talented you are? What a way with words!

  5. this brought tears to my eyes, dear Rachel. I love you<3

  6. oh, this is beautiful, especially to one who feels a bit broken, and definitely not put together. How often do I sit and look at the broken shells instead of the abundance of what was inside, ready to be put to work for Him?

    Would you mind if I use this idea of the egg in my talk on Monday?

  7. Wow what an inspiring post! Thank you for reminding me of the important things in life! :) I found your blog on the shine project!


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